Sony ULT Wear Review: Stylish and Feature-Packed, But Bass Overpowers

Sony ULT Wear headphones focus on bass, targeting younger audiences.

  • Sony ULT Wear headphones focus on bass, targeting younger audiences.
  • Despite impressive features, the overwhelming bass affects sound quality.
  • The design and comfort are top-notch, but the sound is a letdown.

Sony, renowned for its high-quality headphones like the 1000X series, takes a different route with the ULT Wear. These mid-range headphones aim at bass lovers, featuring a dedicated “ULT” button for an extra bass boost. However, does this bass-forward approach compromise Sony’s signature sound quality?

The ULT Wear headphones boast a sleek design similar to the WH-1000XM5, offering solid build quality and comfortable fit. They come packed with features like active noise cancellation, LDAC support for high-resolution audio, and 360 Reality Audio compatibility. With up to 50 hours of playback without noise cancellation, they seem to offer great value for their price.

However, the sound quality falls short. The ULT Wear focuses heavily on bass, overshadowing other elements of the music. Songs across various genres, from hip-hop to rock, lose their detail and dynamic range due to the overwhelming low-end. The bass boost button only makes this issue worse, resulting in a muddy and unbalanced sound.

While the ULT Wear excels in design, comfort, and features, the excessive bass undermines the overall listening experience. For those seeking Sony’s renowned balanced sound, the WH-1000XM5 or the affordable WH-CH720N are better options. The ULT Wear, despite its impressive specs, highlights that style and features can’t compensate for flawed sound quality.

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