OpenAI’s Internal Messaging System Hacked, AI Design Details Stolen

A hacker accessed OpenAI's internal messaging system and stole AI design details.

  • A hacker accessed OpenAI’s internal messaging system and stole AI design details.
  • The breach did not compromise customer or partner information, and OpenAI did not notify federal law enforcement agencies.
  • The incident highlights concerns about AI security and the potential misuse of AI technologies.

OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, suffered a security breach last year when a hacker accessed its internal messaging system. The hacker stole design details about OpenAI’s AI technologies, but did not gain access to the core systems where the AI is built and housed. OpenAI’s executives informed employees and the board of directors about the incident, but chose not to make it public since no customer or partner information was compromised.
The breach highlights concerns about the security of AI technologies and the potential for their misuse. In May, OpenAI revealed that it had disrupted five covert influence operations attempting to misuse its AI models for deceptive activities online. The incident also comes as the Biden administration prepares to implement measures to safeguard US AI technology from foreign adversaries, including China and Russia.
The incident underscores the need for AI developers to prioritize security and safety in the development of AI technologies. In May, 16 AI-developing companies, including OpenAI, pledged to ensure the safe development of AI technologies. Regulators are also striving to keep pace with technological advancements and establish guardrails around the most advanced AI models like ChatGPT.
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