Google Employee in Bengaluru Shares Top Company Perk: Free Cab Service

Google offers free cab services for employees in Bengaluru, easing commutes and saving money.

  • Google offers free cab services for employees in Bengaluru, easing commutes and saving money.
  • Priyansh Agarwal praises Google’s perk, highlighting its rarity compared to previous employers.
  • The revelation sparks social media buzz, with users expressing interest in Google’s employee benefits.

A Google software engineer based in Bengaluru has highlighted a standout perk of working at the tech giant: free cab services for employees. Priyansh Agarwal, an IIT-Delhi alumnus who previously worked with Zomato and Goldman Sachs, expressed how this benefit significantly aids his commute, saving both time and money.

In a tweet, Agarwal emphasized that Google’s provision of cab services between home and office is unparalleled in Bangalore. Living 12 kilometers away from his workplace, he appreciates the convenience of not having to rely on external ride-hailing services like Uber or Ola, which also translates into substantial savings.

Agarwal clarified that while other companies may offer similar services, this perk was new to him compared to his previous employers. The revelation sparked interest and envy among social media users, with many expressing their desire to work at Google for such perks and commenting on similar benefits in their own workplaces.

Beyond transportation perks, Google is renowned for its employee-friendly amenities such as open workspaces, flexible desks, and recreational zones, contributing to a positive work environment and enhanced work-life balance, as highlighted by industry professionals.

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