Apple in Talks with Meta for iPhone AI Features

Apple is discussing integrating Meta's AI into Apple Intelligence for iPhones.

  • Apple is discussing integrating Meta’s AI into Apple Intelligence for iPhones.
  • This move could expand AI options for Apple users beyond internal systems.
  • Talks also involve Google, Anthropic, and Perplexity for future AI collaborations.

Apple is exploring a partnership with Meta, Facebook’s parent company, to incorporate Meta’s generative AI into Apple Intelligence for iPhones, as reported by WSJ. This potential collaboration marks Apple’s strategy to enhance its AI capabilities beyond its internal models.

At WWDC 2024, Apple introduced Apple Intelligence, aiming to offer users diverse AI functionalities. Discussions with Meta suggest that Apple seeks to leverage Meta’s AI models for more complex tasks, similar to its partnerships with OpenAI and potentially others like Google’s Gemini.

Despite past rivalries and conflicts, Apple and Meta’s talks highlight unexpected alliances in the tech industry. If successful, Meta could distribute its AI models through Apple’s vast network, similar to apps on the App Store, potentially boosting both companies’ technological offerings.

Apple’s move underscores its commitment to providing diverse AI options while exploring new revenue streams through partnerships with AI companies. As discussions progress, the tech landscape could see significant shifts in AI integration across platforms and services.

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