Tech Layoffs Continue in Feb 2024: Big Companies Including Apple and Sony Trim Workforce

Tech layoffs persist in Feb 2024, affecting major companies like Apple, Sony, and Snapchat.

  • Tech layoffs persist in Feb 2024, affecting major companies like Apple, Sony, and Snapchat.
  • Apple adjusts workforce following shutdown of its electric car project, reallocating employees to AI projects.
  • Sony’s Playstation division announces layoffs, while other tech giants including Cisco, Mozilla, Amazon, Expedia, and Bumble also trim their workforce.

In February 2024, tech layoffs persisted as major companies like Snapchat, Apple, and Sony announced workforce reductions. Snapchat began the month by revealing plans to cut 10% of its employees, citing restructuring needs. Apple, previously resilient, adjusted its workforce due to the shutdown of its electric car project, impacting around 2000 employees. Many were reassigned to AI projects, reflecting Apple’s evolving focus.

Sony’s Playstation division also faced layoffs, affecting approximately 900 employees globally. Despite not disclosing specific numbers, Cisco initiated layoffs as part of its cost reduction and restructuring efforts. Mozilla, Amazon, Expedia, and even Bumble joined the layoff trend, with each company trimming its workforce to streamline operations and cut costs amidst economic uncertainties.

As the tech industry navigates ongoing challenges, job insecurity remains prevalent despite sporadic hiring initiatives. The landscape underscores the volatile nature of the tech sector and the need for adaptability in an ever-changing market environment.

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