Riding Waymo’s Driverless Taxi: A Glimpse into the Future of Transportation

Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., offers the first public driverless ride-hailing service.

  • Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., offers the first public driverless ride-hailing service.
  • The driverless taxi, equipped with advanced cameras and LiDAR sensors, navigates San Francisco’s streets with precision.
  • Users can request rides through the Waymo One app, with safety features like seat belts and a reliable braking system.

Waymo, a pioneering player in autonomous driving technology under Alphabet Inc., has launched the world’s first driverless ride-hailing service. Recently, Tech Today’s editor Aayush Ailawadi experienced a ride in Waymo’s driverless taxi, a Jaguar I-PACE equipped with nearly 12 cameras and LiDAR sensors. These technologies allow the vehicle to map and navigate its environment seamlessly, handling red lights and turns with ease.

During the ride, Ailawadi noted the impressive precision of the driverless car, especially on San Francisco’s winding streets. Despite its autonomous nature, safety features such as mandatory seat belts and a reliable braking system provided reassurance throughout the journey. The cost for a typical 15-20 minute ride in Waymo’s driverless taxi ranges between $20 to $30.

Waymo One operates 24/7 in San Francisco, allowing users to request rides via their app at any time. This service marks a significant leap towards autonomous transportation, alongside competitors like Cruise (GM), Aurora, and Uber testing similar technologies in the US.

While driverless cars represent the future of mobility, questions remain about their viability on Indian roads in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi. Issues of infrastructure readiness, regulatory frameworks, and public trust in autonomous technology need careful consideration before widespread adoption in diverse urban settings.

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