Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Shares Life-Changing Advice from a Japanese Gardener

Jensen Huang received impactful career advice from a gardener in Japan.

  • Jensen Huang received impactful career advice from a gardener in Japan.
  • The gardener’s dedication taught Huang the importance of focusing on one’s craft and managing time effectively.
  • Huang now starts his day with his highest priority work, leading to a successful and productive routine.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang recently shared the most profound career advice he ever received, which came from an unexpected source—a gardener in Japan. During a commencement speech at the California Institute of Technology, Huang recounted a brief yet impactful encounter with a gardener at Kyoto’s Silver Temple. Despite the scorching heat, the gardener meticulously tended to the moss with a bamboo tweezer, teaching Huang a valuable lesson about dedication and time management.

Inspired by the gardener’s words, “I have plenty of time,” Huang adopted a new approach to his daily routine. He begins each morning by completing his highest priority work, ensuring his day is already successful before he arrives at the office. This practice allows him to focus on helping others throughout the day, embodying the lesson that dedicating oneself to one’s craft and managing time effectively can lead to a fulfilling and productive life.

As echoed by career expert Rainer Strack, focusing on important tasks and managing time wisely can prevent stress and burnout. He suggests that individuals evaluate their daily activities, prioritize them, and make necessary changes to ensure their passions are not neglected. Jensen Huang’s experience serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of mindful time management and dedication to one’s work.

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