India’s Love for Hard Liquor: Experts Weigh In

India consumes a high amount of hard liquor despite its warm climate.

  • India consumes a high amount of hard liquor despite its warm climate.
  • Experts attribute this to the desire to get high quickly for the amount spent.
  • Hard liquor is preferred over beer due to its higher alcohol content.

India’s love for hard liquor is a unique phenomenon, with the country consuming a high amount of whiskey, vodka, rum, and gin despite its warm climate. According to Suraj Shenai, founder of Goa Brewing Co, this is because Indian drinkers prefer to get high faster for the amount they spend on the drink. This preference is driven by the psychology of urban India, where people seek a quick escape from their tough lives.
Experts also pointed out that India is the only country in the tropical belt where hard liquor and beer consumption are equal. In other countries like Vietnam, beer consumption is much higher. The popularity of hard liquor in India can be attributed to its higher alcohol content, with whiskey, rum, and vodka having an ABV of 26-42%. This is in contrast to beer, which has a lower ABV and requires more consumption to achieve the same level of intoxication.
The preference for hard liquor is also driven by the price point, with country liquor being a popular choice due to its affordability and local flavors. According to Shuchir Suri, co-founder of Gin Explorer’s Club, country liquor tastes good due to its low ABV and is often consumed neat, unlike whiskey which requires mixers.
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