Yubi Partners with MODIFI to Ease Access to Capital for Indian MSMEs

Strategic Partnership: Fintech unicorn Yubi collaborates with Europe's MODIFI to facilitate cross-border trade financing, marking its entry into this sector.

  • Yubi partners with MODIFI for cross-border trade financing.
  • Access to uncollateralized funding for Indian MSMEs.
  • Real-time insights to navigate international market risks.

Fintech unicorn Yubi enters into a strategic partnership with MODIFI, a leading B2B fintech company in Europe, to revolutionize cross-border trade financing. This collaboration aims to address the challenges faced by Indian MSMEs in accessing capital for international transactions. By offering uncollateralized funding and real-time insights into trading partners’ creditworthiness, Yubi and MODIFI empower Indian businesses to compete globally and thrive in the international market.

Yubi Group’s Founder and CEO, Gaurav Kumar, highlights the partnership’s significance in addressing key challenges faced by Indian companies venturing into international trade. He emphasizes the combination of Yubi’s industry knowledge with MODIFI’s innovative solutions to provide liquidity and risk mitigation for Indian businesses. MODIFI’s Country Head, Sachin Nigam, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the commitment to uplift Indian exporters by providing state-of-the-art solutions that enhance capital fluidity. This partnership signifies a step forward in promoting inclusive economic development and empowering Indian MSMEs to scale their operations globally.