Veera Browser Surpasses 1 Million Users Milestone

eera, an Indian mobile browser, has reached a remarkable milestone of one million users.

  • Veera, an Indian mobile browser, has reached a remarkable milestone of one million users.
  • Launched in September 2023, Veera introduced various features like cricket updates, games, privacy tools, and ad blocking to enhance the mobile browsing experience.
  • With the recent addition of a rewards program, Veera experienced rapid growth, expanding from 100k to one million users in just over two months.

Veera, a homegrown mobile browser designed for Indian users, has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing one million users. Since its launch in September 2023, Veera has been dedicated to offering a comprehensive browsing experience tailored for mobile devices. Through continuous updates and the introduction of new features such as cricket widgets, games, and enhanced privacy options, Veera has gained popularity among smartphone users across the country.

The recent addition of a rewards engine has further propelled Veera’s growth, attracting users with incentives for engagement. This strategic move has accelerated Veera’s user base, reaching the one million mark in just over two months. Arjun Ghose, the Founder & CEO of Veera, expressed gratitude to the users for their trust and support, emphasizing that this milestone is only the beginning of their mission to revolutionize the internet experience for over one billion Indians.

To commemorate this achievement, Veera is launching a contest where users stand a chance to win one million Veera points, equivalent to Rs 10,000. The contest is open to both existing users and those who download the app by April 30th, further incentivizing user engagement and promoting the growth of Veera’s user community. With a commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, Veera aims to continue shaping the future of mobile internet browsing in India and beyond.