Unreleased Tetris Clone Found on Prototype iPod

Rare Tetris clone, "Stacker," discovered on prototype third-gen iPod.

  • Rare Tetris clone, “Stacker,” discovered on prototype third-gen iPod.
  • Prototype device also contains early versions of other games.
  • Raises questions about Apple’s early gaming plans for the iPod.

A never-before-seen Tetris clone, named “Stacker,” has been uncovered on a prototype third-generation iPod. Discovered by vintage Apple collector AppleDemoYT, this rare find sheds light on Apple’s early gaming explorations for its iconic music player.

“Stacker” closely resembles the classic Tetris gameplay, allowing players to maneuver falling blocks using the iPod’s scroll wheel. The prototype iPod also contains primitive versions of other games like “Block0” and “Klondike,” hinting at Apple’s gaming experiments before the era of the App Store.

Former Apple VP Tony Fadell suggested that gaming was not initially part of Apple’s plans for the iPod’s software releases. The discovery of “Stacker” raises questions about why Apple shelved the game and its early gaming ambitions for the iPod.