Schumacher Family Wins Damages Over Fake AI Interview

Schumacher's family awarded €200,000 for AI-generated fake interview.

  • Schumacher’s family awarded €200,000 for AI-generated fake interview.
  • German magazine Die Aktuelle published the deceptive story in April 2023.
  • The magazine’s editor was fired, and an apology issued to the Schumacher family.


The family of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has won €200,000 ($216,360) in damages from a German magazine that published a fake interview generated by artificial intelligence. The settlement was confirmed by a Munich labour court.

In April 2023, the magazine Die Aktuelle ran a cover story claiming to feature an exclusive interview with Schumacher. However, the quotes were AI-generated, and a small tagline admitted it “sounded deceptively real.” This sparked outrage among fans and the motorsport community.

The publication faced heavy criticism for exploiting Schumacher’s condition for profit. Following the incident, the magazine’s editor was fired, and Funke media group, the publisher, issued a public apology to the Schumacher family. Schumacher, who has not been seen publicly since a severe skiing accident in 2013, remains under strict family privacy regarding his health.