OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Considers Restructuring Company

Sam Altman is considering turning OpenAI into a traditional for-profit company.

  • Sam Altman is considering turning OpenAI into a traditional for-profit company.
  • This restructuring would move away from OpenAI’s current “capped-profit” model.
  • Controversies around Altman’s leadership and transparency continue to surface.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is reportedly contemplating a major restructuring of the company, transitioning it from its current “capped-profit” model to a traditional for-profit entity. This change, discussed with sources from The Information, would allow OpenAI to attract more investment while shifting from its mission-driven approach established in 2019.

This potential restructuring comes amid ongoing controversies regarding Altman’s leadership. Last November, Altman was temporarily removed from his position due to accusations of withholding information and misleading the board. Although quickly reinstated, these events revealed significant internal conflicts within OpenAI.

Former board member Helen Toner recently criticized Altman’s leadership on “The TED AI Show” podcast, accusing him of deception and lack of transparency, including hiding his involvement in the OpenAI Startup Fund. Despite OpenAI clarifying that Altman’s fund ownership was temporary, these allegations have raised concerns about his leadership style.

OpenAI has not yet commented on the possible restructuring. However, board chairman Bret Taylor emphasized the company’s commitment to its mission of making artificial general intelligence accessible to all, despite the controversies.