Ola Krutrim Unveils AI Vision for India, Opens AI Cloud Infrastructure and Mobile App

Ola Krutrim announces its mission to support India's AI sector with comprehensive AI capabilities, including the launch of its Krutrim Cloud platform.

  • Ola Krutrim unveils AI vision for India with Krutrim Cloud and mobile app.
  • Mobile app supports over 10 Indian languages, plans for voice commands.
  • Developers gain access to Krutrim Cloud for building India-specific AI products.

Ola’s AI platform, Krutrim, charts an ambitious path to foster innovation in India’s AI landscape by unveiling its AI vision and rolling out essential infrastructure. With the introduction of Krutrim Cloud, the company aims to empower developers, businesses, and researchers to harness advanced AI capabilities at significantly reduced costs compared to traditional solutions. This move aligns with Ola Krutrim’s commitment to driving technological progress in India and reducing reliance on expensive Western cloud platforms.

In addition to the cloud platform, Ola Krutrim launches a mobile app for its AI assistant, designed to democratize AI accessibility for Indian users. The app boasts support for over 10 Indian languages, facilitating seamless communication and interaction with the AI assistant. Furthermore, plans to integrate voice commands and enhance personalization features signify the company’s dedication to providing tailored AI experiences to users across India. With the Krutrim assistant app, users can expect simplified AI integration into their daily lives, revolutionizing digital interactions and streamlining tasks.

Developers now have access to Krutrim Cloud’s comprehensive suite of services, including Model-as-a-Service and GPU-as-a-Service, enabling them to build scalable and India-specific AI products. Krutrim’s emphasis on foundational services like location-based APIs and SDKs further underscores its commitment to addressing local needs and driving technological innovation in the country. As Ola Krutrim paves the way for India’s AI revolution, its initiatives promise to propel the nation towards digital transformation and economic growth.