Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos: AI Won’t Replace Creative Jobs in Hollywood

Ted Sarandos believes AI won't replace creative jobs in Hollywood but can be a tool.

  • Ted Sarandos believes AI won’t replace creative jobs in Hollywood but can be a tool.
  • AI users might outperform those who don’t adopt the technology.
  • Recent concerns in Hollywood about AI include a dispute involving Scarlett Johansson.

Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos has assured that AI will not replace creative jobs in Hollywood. In an interview with The New York Times, Sarandos expressed confidence that AI cannot match the skills of great writers or actors. He emphasized that while AI itself won’t take jobs, people who effectively use AI might outperform others.

Sarandos explained that AI should be seen as a tool to enhance creativity, similar to how technological advancements in the past have grown the entertainment industry. He drew parallels to the initial resistance to home video and other innovations that ultimately benefited the business.

He stated, “I have more faith in humans than that. I really do. I don’t believe that an AI program is going to write a better screenplay than a great writer or replace a great performance. AI is not going to take your job. The person who uses AI well might take your job.”

The debate about AI’s impact on Hollywood has been heightened by a recent feud involving actress Scarlett Johansson, who accused OpenAI of using her voice without permission. This incident has fueled concerns about the existential threat AI poses to the creative industry. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman clarified that the voice in question was not Johansson’s, and was not intended to resemble hers.