Microsoft Introduces Recall Feature for Windows 11

Microsoft launches Recall, a new feature for Windows 11 to track all activities on your PC.

  • Microsoft launches Recall, a new feature for Windows 11 to track all activities on your PC.
  • Recall logs websites, apps, and live meetings, providing an easy search function for past actions.
  • Requires a “Copilot Plus PC” with Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chips and at least 256 GB storage.

Microsoft has unveiled a new feature for Windows 11 laptops called Recall, designed to ensure you never lose track of your activities on your computer. Recall keeps a detailed log of everything you do, making it easier to find and retrieve past actions. Whether it’s websites you’ve visited, apps you’ve used, or live meetings you’ve attended, Recall captures it all on a scrollable timeline.

This advanced feature allows users to perform a “Recall” action, providing a snapshot of activities at any given moment. Additionally, Recall can search through live meetings and videos using Live Captions, which transcribe and translate speech in real time, enhancing the user experience with a supercharged memory for your computer.

To use Recall, you’ll need one of the new “Copilot Plus PCs” equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite chips. These PCs must have at least 256 GB of storage space, with 50 GB available for Recall. By default, Recall uses 25 GB, enough to store about three months of activities, but this allocation can be increased if needed. Older snapshots will be deleted to make room for new ones.

Microsoft assures that all information captured by Recall remains private and stays on your device. Users can pause, stop, or delete logs, and exclude specific apps or websites from being recorded. However, Recall won’t track private browsing sessions or protected content and doesn’t hide sensitive information like passwords or financial data, so users should be cautious about what they store.