Meta Trials New Messaging Feature in Threads App

Meta experiments with adding direct messaging feature to Threads app, leveraging Instagram's inbox.

  • Meta experiments with adding direct messaging feature to Threads app, leveraging Instagram’s inbox.
  • Users may soon send messages directly from Threads, simplifying communication within the platform.
  • Meta considers integrating Instagram inbox into Threads amid ongoing trials for messaging capabilities.

Meta’s Threads app, with over 130 million users, is undergoing trials for a new messaging feature that could address a longstanding user complaint. Currently, users of the messaging platform lack direct messaging capabilities, but Meta is exploring options to integrate Instagram’s inbox into Threads. This experimental feature allows users to initiate new messages directly from Threads, potentially streamlining the messaging experience.

Although the appearance of a “message” button on users’ profiles indicates progress, Threads still lacks its dedicated inbox. Meta’s head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has expressed a preference for integrating the Instagram inbox into Threads rather than creating a separate inbox. However, this update does not signify the implementation of full direct messaging on Threads, as confirmed by a Meta spokesperson.

While the option to send messages from Threads without switching to Instagram could enhance user convenience, accessing and responding to these messages will still require navigating to the Instagram app. Despite potential concerns about redundancy and notification routing, Meta continues to explore ways to improve the messaging experience within Threads. The ongoing trials reflect Meta’s commitment to enhancing user communication across its platforms while addressing user feedback.