Maharashtra Prison Introduces Smart Cards for Inmates to Stay Connected with Families

Maharashtra's Harsul Central Jail distributes smart cards to 650 inmates for better communication.

  • Maharashtra’s Harsul Central Jail distributes smart cards to 650 inmates for better communication.
  • Each smart card allows three free calls per week, aiming to bridge the gap between prisoners and families.
  • The initiative seeks to address financial constraints preventing families from visiting inmates.

In a bid to facilitate communication between prisoners and their families, authorities at Maharashtra’s Harsul Central Jail have introduced smart cards for nearly 650 inmates. These smart cards offer each bearer the opportunity to make three free calls per week, with each call limited to six minutes. The initiative, aimed at fostering regular contact between prisoners and their loved ones, particularly targets families facing financial constraints that hinder their ability to visit the jail.

While the initiative promises improved communication, specific details regarding call restrictions remain undisclosed. It’s unclear whether inmates can only dial pre-approved numbers or if they have the liberty to contact any desired recipient. Nevertheless, the provision of calling booths within the prison premises extends this communication privilege not only to inmates but also to individuals held in judicial custody.

Harsul Central Jail, one of Maharashtra’s central correctional facilities, is at the forefront of initiatives focused on enhancing inmate welfare and fostering connections with the outside world. By introducing smart cards for communication, the prison endeavors to alleviate the isolation felt by inmates and strengthen familial bonds despite their confinement.