Jennifer Lopez Calls AI ‘Really Scary’ at Atlas Premiere

Jennifer Lopez describes AI as 'really scary' at the premiere of her Netflix film Atlas.

  • Jennifer Lopez describes AI as ‘really scary’ at the premiere of her Netflix film Atlas.
  • Lopez shares her bad experiences with AI, including manipulated ads using her face.
  • Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos believes AI won’t replace human talent in Hollywood.

At the Los Angeles premiere of her Netflix Sci-Fi film Atlas, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez expressed her fears about artificial intelligence (AI). Lopez described AI as ‘really scary,’ referencing her own bad experiences with the technology. She mentioned seeing ads that used manipulated photos of her face, making it look like she endorsed skincare products she knew nothing about. This experience highlighted her concerns about the potential misuse of AI.

In the film Atlas, Lopez plays a data analyst who turns to AI to help save Earth from an evil robot. She praised the movie for showing both the positive and negative sides of AI, emphasizing the need to be respectful and cautious with the technology.

Despite fears of AI taking jobs in Hollywood, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos remains optimistic. He believes human talent cannot be replaced by AI and that those who use AI effectively might have an edge, but AI itself won’t take over creative roles.

This debate comes amidst rising concerns in Hollywood, exemplified by a recent dispute between Scarlett Johansson and OpenAI over unauthorized use of her voice in an AI model. The conversation about AI’s impact on the industry continues to grow.