India’s Green Tech Revolution: Startups Drive $1.5 Billion in Funding

India's EnviroTech sector received $1.5 billion in funding in 2023.

  • India’s EnviroTech sector received $1.5 billion in funding in 2023.
  • Venture capitalists contributed 60% of the total funding.
  • Focus areas include drought resilience and water management.

India’s EnviroTech sector is booming, with startups raising $1.5 billion in 2023. This marks a significant increase from $225 million in 2018. Venture capitalists played a crucial role, contributing nearly 60% of this total funding.

The EnviroTech landscape is shifting globally, with India’s share growing as the United States’ dominance declines. Indian startups are focusing on drought resilience and water management, addressing critical environmental challenges. Electric vehicles and related technologies have also attracted substantial investments, reflecting the diversity in the green tech sector.

Key funding rounds in 2024 include Arbol’s $60 million for climate insurance and ICEYE’s $93 million for Geographic Information Systems. Leading investors like Techstars and green funds such as Breakthrough Energy are driving innovation in EnviroTech, highlighting the sector’s growth and potential.