Indian Startups Share Expectations from New Government

Startups seek government support for the EV industry and domestic manufacturing.

  • Startups seek government support for the EV industry and domestic manufacturing.
  • Small-town entrepreneurs need better funding, infrastructure, and resources.
  • Focus on privacy, data security, and regulatory support is crucial for startup growth.

Startups in India are keenly awaiting new government policies that address their specific needs, from boosting the electric vehicle (EV) industry to supporting entrepreneurs in small towns. Targeted policies and resources can help create an environment where startups can thrive across the country.

Pratik Kamdar, CEO & Co-Founder of Neuron Energy, emphasizes the need for government support in the growing EV sector. He highlights the importance of domestic manufacturing to reduce import dependence and mentions key initiatives like the FAME II & III and Production-Linked Incentives (PLI) schemes. These programs aim to strengthen local battery supply and reduce costs by securing essential raw materials.

Hifza Afaq, Co-founder & CTO of Kaarigar Mandi, points out the unique challenges faced by startups in smaller Indian cities, such as limited access to funding and inadequate infrastructure. She suggests the government create special schemes, establish incubators, and provide necessary resources to support these entrepreneurs.

Darshil Shah, Founder and Director of TreadBinary, stresses the importance of privacy, data security, and regulatory support. He calls for proactive measures from the government to enhance India’s startup ecosystem, tackle issues like AI-driven misinformation, and promote innovation to help Indian startups achieve global prominence.