India Leads Asia Pacific in Generative AI Adoption: Deloitte Report

Deloitte report reveals India's leading position in Generative AI adoption in Asia Pacific.

  • Deloitte report reveals India’s leading position in Generative AI adoption in Asia Pacific.
  • Young, tech-savvy employees drive GenAI usage, saving significant time and boosting productivity.
  • Despite potential benefits, businesses lag behind in GenAI adoption, facing challenges to adapt.

Deloitte’s latest report highlights India’s prominence in Generative AI (GenAI) adoption across the Asia Pacific region. The report showcases India’s leadership position among 13 countries surveyed, with an impressive 93% of students and 83% of employees actively utilizing GenAI technology.

This adoption is primarily driven by young, tech-savvy employees, referred to as “Generation AI,” who leverage GenAI to streamline tasks, acquire new skills, and enhance productivity. Despite the clear benefits, the report indicates that businesses are struggling to keep pace with this rapid adoption, presenting both challenges and opportunities.

According to the findings, GenAI could potentially impact 17% of working hours in the Asia Pacific, equivalent to nearly 1.1 billion hours annually. While GenAI users in the region save about 6.3 hours per week on average, Indian users save even more, at 7.85 hours. However, there is a significant gap between GenAI usage among employees and managerial awareness, with only 50% of users believing their managers are aware of their usage. This disconnect underscores the need for businesses to adapt and embrace GenAI to remain competitive in the evolving landscape of modern work.