Hyundai Plans Hybrid Cars for India, Eyes 2026 Launch

Hyundai Motor Group plans to launch its first hybrid car in India by 2026.

  • Hyundai Motor Group plans to launch its first hybrid car in India by 2026.
  • The move aims to expand beyond electric vehicles and strengthen presence in India.
  • Hyundai and Kia target launching hybrid SUVs in 2026-2027 amid rising demand for technology.

Hyundai Motor Group is gearing up to introduce hybrid cars in India, marking a strategic shift from its focus solely on electric vehicles. With plans to launch the first hybrid model as early as 2026, Hyundai aims to tap into the growing demand for innovative automotive technology in the country. As India emerges as a significant revenue contributor for Hyundai, the company is diversifying its product lineup to cater to varied consumer preferences.

While Hyundai and Kia have been working on their electric vehicle (EV) strategies, challenges like high pricing and inadequate charging infrastructure have slowed down EV adoption in India. In response, Hyundai is turning to hybrid technology as an interim solution. Leveraging hybrid models alongside their existing petrol and diesel offerings, Hyundai aims to offer consumers a wider range of eco-friendly options.

The move towards hybrids underscores Hyundai’s commitment to sustainable mobility solutions tailored to different markets. With plans to adapt existing hybrid technology for Indian cars, Hyundai is aligning its product strategies to meet the evolving needs of Indian consumers. Additionally, the company’s upcoming IPO and strategic adjustments globally signify its continued focus on growth and innovation in the automotive sector.