HP Potential Buyer for Struggling AI Startup Humane’s AI Pin Business

HP is considering buying Humane's troubled AI Pin business.

  • HP is considering buying Humane’s troubled AI Pin business.
  • Humane’s AI Pin faced harsh reviews and technical issues since launch.
  • Potential acquisition deal could exceed $1 billion.

HP is reportedly in talks to acquire the AI startup Humane, which has struggled since launching its AI Pin. Founded by ex-Apple executives Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, Humane’s wearable AI Pin has received poor reviews and faced technical issues, leading the company to seek a buyer.

The AI Pin, a $699 wearable device, was designed to offer AI-powered features through a laser projection system but has been criticized for its battery life, functionality, and overheating problems. Humane also faced backlash over fire safety risks with the device’s charging case, further impacting its reputation.

According to The New York Times, Humane has been discussing a potential acquisition deal with HP, valued between $750 million and $1 billion. Despite aiming to sell 100,000 units in its first year, the company had only received about 10,000 orders by early April.

Whether HP will proceed with the acquisition remains uncertain. The potential deal raises questions about the future of Humane’s technology and employees, reminiscent of HP’s previous acquisition and discontinuation of Palm.