Google News Down: Users in India Facing Outage

Google Search's News section and Google News are inaccessible for users in India.

  • Google Search’s News section and Google News are inaccessible for users in India.
  • Downdetector reports widespread outage affecting users in India and other countries.
  • Users encountering a prompt stating “Your search – google [topic] – did not match any news results.”

Google News, a go-to platform for many users seeking current affairs, is currently experiencing downtime in India. Users attempting to access the News section on Google Search or the dedicated Google News website are met with frustration as the service remains inaccessible. Downdetector, a platform monitoring online service outages, confirms that this issue extends beyond India, affecting users globally.

At the time of writing, users on both mobile phones and desktops have reported encountering the same problem. When attempting to search for news topics, users are greeted with a message indicating that their search did not yield any results. This outage has left many users unable to access the latest news and updates through Google’s platforms.

As users grapple with this service disruption, reports of the issue have surfaced on various platforms, including X. Google has yet to provide an official statement addressing the cause or expected resolution time for this widespread outage.