Gen AI Drives Conversational Commerce Growth in India

70% of large enterprises in India engage with customers through platforms like WhatsApp.

  • 70% of large enterprises in India engage with customers through platforms like WhatsApp.
  • Over 80% of enterprises plan to invest in Gen AI solutions to enhance customer experiences.
  • 90% of non-savvy digital users prefer interacting with local businesses via conversational platforms.

The business landscape in India is transforming with the rise of conversational platforms and the power of generative AI (Gen AI). A new report, “Win with Conversations,” by Bain & Company and Meta, highlights how conversational commerce is becoming a significant growth driver. The report shows that 70% of large enterprises in India use platforms like WhatsApp to engage with half of their customer base, while over 50% of consumers prefer using these platforms for everyday tasks.

The report also reveals that 60% of large enterprises plan to increase their investment in conversational platforms over the next few years. Gen AI is accelerating this shift, with over 80% of enterprises intending to adopt Gen AI solutions within the next 1-2 years to personalize customer experiences and automate tasks. This technology is seen as essential for creating more engaging interactions with customers.

Conversational commerce presents a unique opportunity for small and medium businesses (SMBs) as well. The study found that 90% of non-savvy digital users prefer to interact with local businesses through conversational platforms. This trend helps SMBs overcome challenges like discoverability and customer engagement, positioning them to thrive in this new digital landscape.

Meta’s Sandhya Devanathan emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting businesses in this transition, while Arpan Sheth of Bain & Company noted the strategic importance of conversational commerce for gaining a competitive edge. The report underscores that conversational commerce, powered by Gen AI, is not just a trend but a new reality for businesses in India.