Future of AI in India Under Modi’s Leadership

Modi's government plans to significantly invest in AI research and innovation.

  • Modi’s government plans to significantly invest in AI research and innovation.
  • IndiaAI Mission receives over Rs 10,300 crore for AI development in the next five years.
  • Focus areas include AI computing infrastructure, startups, and public-private partnerships.

With another term potentially on the horizon for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his focus on advancing AI in India has intensified. The government has committed substantial resources to bolster the AI ecosystem, recognizing its potential to drive significant change. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Information and Technology, highlighted the $12 billion allocated as seed capital for research, innovation, and startups, including those in deep tech and AI.

Earlier this year, the government approved over Rs 10,300 crore for the IndiaAI Mission, aimed at developing AI infrastructure and nurturing innovation through public-private partnerships. Key initiatives include the IndiaAI Compute Capacity, which plans to deploy over 10,000 GPUs, the IndiaAI Innovation Centre, and the IndiaAI Datasets Platform. This investment aims to create a robust AI ecosystem and support young Indian talent, particularly in states like Kerala, to achieve their tech ambitions.

Minister Chandrasekhar emphasized that the Prime Minister is keen to accelerate AI development, with a focus on various tech sectors such as electronics, high-performance computing, semiconductors, cybersecurity, and electric vehicles. This comprehensive approach aims to transform India’s digital and real economy landscape over the next 5-7 years, ensuring that the nation fully exploits the power of AI for economic growth and the benefit of its citizens.