Digi Yatra Plans Collaboration with Top Indian IT Companies to Address App Issues

Digi Yatra, the Ministry of Civil Aviation's digital travel service, faces app issues and plans to partner with Infosys and TCS.

  • Digi Yatra, the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s digital travel service, faces app issues and plans to partner with Infosys and TCS.
  • The shift follows complications with the previous IT solutions provider, DataEvolve, leading to a drop in app users.
  • CEO Suresh Khadaknbhavi emphasizes user privacy and future plans for international expansion through strategic partnerships.

Digi Yatra, the digital travel service initiated by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, is undergoing significant changes amid issues with its previous IT solutions provider, DataEvolve. Following complications that prompted users to reinstall the Digi Yatra app, the foundation now eyes collaboration with top-tier Indian IT companies like Infosys and TCS to address these concerns. The move aims to stabilize the platform and restore user confidence in its functionality, which witnessed a drop in daily users after the recent app overhaul.

CEO Suresh Khadaknbhavi highlights the foundation’s commitment to user privacy amidst the transition, assuring that no personal travel history is stored. Moreover, plans for strategic partnerships with established IT giants reflect Digi Yatra’s proactive approach to enhance service reliability and user experience. Khadaknbhavi also underscores the foundation’s vision for international expansion, aiming to facilitate smoother travel experiences globally through collaborations with immigration authorities and media partnerships.