CleanMax Partners with Apple for Renewable Energy Adoption in India

CleanMax collaborates with Apple to accelerate renewable energy adoption in India.

  • CleanMax collaborates with Apple to accelerate renewable energy adoption in India.
  • The partnership includes the installation of 14.4 megawatts of rooftop solar panels across six industrial sites.
  • The initiative aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and advance sustainability efforts.

CleanMax, a prominent renewable energy company, has joined forces with tech giant Apple to drive the adoption of sustainable energy practices in India. The partnership, announced on Wednesday, focuses on accelerating the deployment of renewable energy solutions across the nation.

As part of this collaboration, CleanMax has successfully installed rooftop solar panels totaling 14.4 megawatts across six industrial sites in India. These installations are projected to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 207,000 tonnes throughout their operational lifespan.

Kuldeep Jain, Managing Director of CleanMax, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing its significance in the company’s sustainability journey. He highlighted the growing interest from consumer brands in such collaborations as a positive step towards sustainability. The initiative is expected to catalyze the development of renewable energy projects in India, aligning with both CleanMax’s and Apple’s commitment to environmental stewardship and climate action.

Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives at Apple, reiterated the company’s dedication to its ambitious climate goal for 2030. She emphasized Apple’s efforts to transform electrical grids and promote cleaner energy sources for a more sustainable future.