Biden Signs Bill Potentially Banning TikTok in US

President Joe Biden signs bill potentially banning TikTok in the US unless sold to a US company within a year.

  1. Biden signs bill requiring ByteDance to sell TikTok in the US within a year.
  2. Legislation supported by bipartisan leaders aims to curb potential Chinese influence.
  3. TikTok faces legal battle over alleged breach of First Amendment and national security concerns.

President Joe Biden has taken a decisive step in the ongoing saga surrounding TikTok, signing a bill that could ultimately lead to the Chinese video-sharing app’s ban in the United States. The legislation mandates that TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, must sell the app to a US-based company within a year, or face a ban. The move comes amidst bipartisan support, with lawmakers expressing concerns over potential Chinese influence on the app’s users, particularly the younger demographic.

The bill, which passed with overwhelming support in both the US Senate and House of Representatives, gives ByteDance a nine-month window to complete the sale, with the possibility of a three-month extension if deemed necessary. Additionally, the legislation prohibits ByteDance from retaining control over TikTok’s core technology, which customizes user experience based on their preferences. This feature has made TikTok immensely popular among American youth, but also raises concerns about data privacy and national security.

TikTok has vehemently opposed the bill, arguing that it infringes upon the First Amendment of the US Constitution. However, US officials argue that the potential ban is necessary to safeguard national security interests, citing fears of Chinese government influence and data privacy breaches. The move follows similar actions by other nations, including India, which banned TikTok and several other Chinese apps in 2020 amidst geopolitical tensions. As the legal battle between TikTok and the US government unfolds, the fate of the popular app hangs in the balance, with millions of American users and businesses awaiting the outcome.