Bengaluru Techie Becomes Swiggy Delivery Agent for a Day, Shares Insights

Bengaluru techie tries out Swiggy delivery job to understand the process firsthand.

  • Bengaluru techie tries out Swiggy delivery job to understand the process firsthand.
  • She shares insights on LinkedIn, highlighting technology-driven features like delivery codes and real-time tracking.
  • The experience showcases Swiggy’s commitment to efficiency, safety, and empowering its delivery agents.

A Bengaluru-based senior product manager at Salesforce, Namrata Singh, decided to step into the shoes of a Swiggy delivery agent for a day, sharing her experience and insights on LinkedIn. Singh expressed her admiration for companies like Swiggy that provide opportunities for underprivileged individuals and contribute to the economy.

During her stint as a Swiggy delivery agent, Singh observed various aspects of the delivery process, including real-time tracking, delivery codes on receipts, and safety measures. She noted that delivery agents can see crucial details such as the distance to the restaurant and customer’s location, as well as the amount they will earn for each delivery, incentivizing them to take more orders.

Singh highlighted Swiggy’s emphasis on accuracy and safety, with features like delivery codes to prevent order mix-ups and a requirement for agents to mark status at different milestones of the delivery process. Moreover, she noted the added layer of safety where agents are required to post a picture of themselves in the Swiggy uniform upon reaching the delivery location. Overall, Singh was impressed by the thoroughness of Swiggy’s product and operations, emphasizing the company’s commitment to efficiency and customer safety in food delivery services.