Atlas Review: Netflix’s AI Movie with Jennifer Lopez Falls Short

"Atlas" stars Jennifer Lopez as a data analyst dealing with AI's dark past.

  • “Atlas” stars Jennifer Lopez as a data analyst dealing with AI’s dark past.
  • The movie struggles with a weak script, lack of emotional depth, and dated visuals.
  • Despite ambitious themes, “Atlas” fails to deliver a compelling or innovative take on AI.

Netflix’s new AI-themed movie, “Atlas,” features Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd, a data analyst haunted by an AI uprising. While the premise is intriguing, the execution falls flat, with Lopez miscast in a role that fails to utilize her star power. The script swings between dull exposition and forced humor, leaving little room for genuine emotional connection.

The film pairs Atlas with an advanced AI named Smith in a clichéd buddy dynamic. Their friendship is meant to highlight a “friendship conquers all” message but lacks the depth to resonate. Visually, “Atlas” disappoints with choppy editing and outdated CGI, making its futuristic setting feel more like a low-res video game than a believable world.

“Atlas” misses a big opportunity to engage with the real complexities of AI. Instead, it retreats into simplistic good-versus-bad narratives, ignoring the nuanced discussions happening in today’s society. This lack of sophistication makes “Atlas” feel like a safe, forgettable action movie rather than the groundbreaking sci-fi epic it aims to be.