Apple Apologizes for Controversial iPad Pro Ad

Apple issues apology for 'Crush' ad showcasing destruction of creativity symbols.

  • Apple issues apology for ‘Crush’ ad showcasing destruction of creativity symbols.
  • Criticism arose over ad’s insensitivity and departure from Apple’s brand image.
  • Despite backlash, iPad Pro’s features, including AI computing, continue to garner attention.

Apple recently found itself in hot water over its latest iPad Pro advertisement titled ‘Crush’. The ad faced severe backlash for depicting the destruction of symbols of creativity, such as musical instruments and a camera. Many criticized the ad for being insensitive and straying from Apple’s traditional brand image of celebrating creativity and innovation.

In response to the controversy, Apple’s vice president of marketing communications, Tor Myhren, issued an apology, acknowledging that the ad missed the mark. He emphasized Apple’s commitment to empowering creatives worldwide and expressed regret over the ad’s portrayal. Despite garnering over a million views on Apple’s YouTube channel and being shared by CEO Tim Cook, the ad received negative reactions from netizens and celebrities, with actor Hugh Grant calling it ‘the destruction of the human experience’.

While the ad controversy drew attention away from the iPad Pro’s unveiling, the device itself continues to attract interest with its touted features, including being the ‘thinnest Apple product ever’ and boasting upgraded displays and AI computing capabilities. Despite the decision not to air the controversial ad on TV, Apple’s apology marks a recognition of the importance of maintaining its brand identity amidst public scrutiny.