Apple Announces Design Awards Ahead of WWDC 2024

Apple announced winners of the Design Awards ahead of WWDC 2024.

  • Apple announced winners of the Design Awards ahead of WWDC 2024.
  • 14 apps were honored across various categories like Delight and Fun, Inclusivity, and Innovation.
  • Winners were chosen for their commitment, creativity, and design quality.

Apple has revealed the winners of the Apple Design Awards ahead of the WWDC 2024. Out of 42 finalists, 14 top apps were honored across categories such as Delight and Fun, Inclusivity, Innovation, Interaction, Social Impact, Visuals and Graphics, and Spatial Computing. These apps were selected not for their revenue or downloads, but for their commitment, creativity, and exceptional design.

In the Delight and Fun category, Bears Gratitude, a journaling app, and NYT Games, with its redesigned gaming catalogue, took the top spots. For Inclusivity, the Oko app from Belgium, which helps visually impaired pedestrians with haptic and audio feedback, was recognized. The Innovation award went to Procreate Dreams, an Australian app for creating 2D animations, and Lost in Play from Israel.

In the Interaction category, Crouton from New Zealand, a user-friendly recipe and grocery list app, won. Denmark’s Rytmos, a puzzle game, also received an award. For Social Impact, Gentle Streak Fitness Tracker from Slovenia and The Wreck Game from France were honored. In Spatial Computing, DJ App and AI Mixer redefined music interaction, while Blackbox, a game for Apple Vision Pro, was also awarded.

These winners will be celebrated at the WWDC 2024, starting on June 10, showcasing Apple’s commitment to fostering innovative and inclusive app design.