Antibiotic Resistance: Global Alarm as Deaths Reach 5 Million

It's imperative that global leaders leverage their power to commit and implement concrete actions in the face of growing drug resistance. Without such action, we risk losing antibiotics, and with them, our ability to enjoy the longevity that we do currently." - Michael Hodin, CEO of GCOA

  • 5 million deaths linked to AMR annually, posing a major health and economic threat.
  • Global economies show some progress, but more action and investment needed, especially for new antibiotics.
  • UK leads the fight, but all countries must step up to tackle this critical issue.

 A recent report reveals a grim reality – close to 5 million deaths are linked to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) annually. This public health crisis threatens not only health but also the global economy, potentially costing trillions by 2023.

While the UK tops the fight against AMR, other major economies show mixed progress. Though some areas see improvement, reviving the development of new antibiotics remains a critical challenge.

The report emphasizes the need for immediate, coordinated action from all nations. Leaders must invest in developing novel antibiotics and implement concrete measures to tackle this growing threat. Without decisive action, the future of effective antibiotics, and the lives they save, hangs in the balance.