Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Unveils New AI Features and WhatsApp Business Updates

Meta AI is expanding to more languages, including Portuguese.

  • Meta AI is expanding to more languages, including Portuguese.
  • AI-powered business agents are being tested in India, Singapore, and soon Brazil.
  • New WhatsApp Business features include Meta Verified and voice call support.

At the Conversations 2024 event, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced significant advancements in Meta AI and exciting new features for WhatsApp Business. He emphasized Meta’s commitment to becoming the leading AI service, both in quality and usage, by expanding Meta AI to include languages like Portuguese. This will allow more users worldwide to interact with AI across Meta’s apps.

Zuckerberg also shared that businesses will soon leverage AI to create personalized customer interactions. Meta is testing AI-powered business agents in India and Singapore, with plans to expand to Brazil. Additionally, AI-enhanced delivery tools on WhatsApp will now help businesses reach the most interested customers.

WhatsApp Business will see several new features, including Meta Verified, rolling out in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia to help businesses build trust with customers. Additionally, businesses will soon be able to offer voice calls on the platform, enabling more personal interactions and support for complex inquiries.